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  • Am I covered by insurance?
    YES! All camper rentals are booked through Outdoorsy. When you book your rental you will be prompted to select your insurance coverage. We do hold a security deposit as well that is refunded within 7 days after return with no damages. Boat rentals are booked through Boatsetter and covered by insurance. Watersports are not covered.
  • Do I need to bring my own bedding?
    To keep our rates as low as possible we do not include linens in your rental. We are starting to offer linen packages as an add on for your rental. All add on options can be found in the booking pages.
  • Are the beds comfortable?
    YES! We replace all camper mattresses before putting a unit in service for rentals. All of our campers include memory foam beds comparable to residential memory foam mattresses. We believe camper mattresses are made of gravel and have no business in our units!
  • What is included in the kitchen?
    All of our units include essentials to cook a fantastic meal. We have plates, cups, utensils, cooking utensils, pots, pans, French press coffee pot, and - of course - nice coffee mugs! If you're looking for a Blackstone griddle to add to your cooking experiences, we also offer one as an option during booking!
  • Do you deliver?
    Yup! We always offer free delivery and setup for all of our units at all Falls Lake State Park campgrounds! The delivery will include setup of the camper, all hookups, and waste water tank dumps when applicable. We also offer delivery outside of Falls Lake on a per mile rate.
  • Do I need to know how to tow?
    We highly prefer towing experience. If you have little to no towing experience our small campers are a great place to start! They are light and easy to tow. We will always make sure your vehicle is capable of towing our units prior to your rental. We do not allow towing of our boat. Free delivery, launching, and pickup is included on all rentals. We only deliver to Falls Lake.
  • Does the boat have lifejackets?
    Absolutely! We have life jackets to cover all passengers including any infants and toddlers you may have
  • Can we tube or ski behind the boat?
    Yes, you can bring your own tube and skis to use behind the boat. Please note that this is at your own risk and will not be covered under the insurance.
  • Is fuel included in the boat rental?
    The boat will be delivered with a full tank. After your rental you will be charged for the exact amount of fuel used at the current price. We fill the tank at a local gas station to avoid the marina fuel pricing on the lake. This boat is quite fuel efficient and typically uses less than 10 gallons per rental
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